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About Jiffy Express

Why Jiffy Express?
Jiffy Express was created as a convenient, quality, cost-effective internet based courier service. 


What Jiffy Provides
Jiffy Express provides same-day delivery services including local and regional messenger service and courier service, local, regional, and nationwide trucking services. Our customers rely upon Jiffy for easy to use, reliable, and fast pickup and delivery.

We are Your Solution
At Jiffy Express, we take pride in solving your Courier, Messenger, and Truck Freight transportation challenges. We are available 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. Try Jiffy today!

Jiffy Express... A Great Choice!
Quality Service and Reliability, cost-effective solutions, the best technology available, including on-line ordering, tracking and reporting tools make Jiffy Express The Right Choice! We deliver peace of mind for you, knowing that you are dealing with our experienced team of transportation professionals, dedicated to resolving your Courier, Messenger and Truck Freight challenges.

We realize that there is a need for an easy to use low cost courier service for internet savvy shippers and purchasers of courier service in the New Jersey-New York Metro Area.
At Jiffy Express, we maintain our convenient, quality & low cost structure by utilizing the latest technology & minimizing labor intensive telephone contact throughout the courier service pickup and delivery.

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